SOS Children's Villages is a private, non-political and non-denominational welfare organisation. It offers orphaned and destitute children -regardless of race, nationality or creed - a new and permanent home and prepares them for an independent life in SOS Children's Villages around the world in their own culture.


The SOS Children's Village work is based on four principles;


Every abandoned child is again provided with a mother. The SOS Mothers are women who dedicate their lives to the children entrusted to them. the SOS Mother gives thechild the love and security which every child needs for its sound development. The SOS Mother is the head of the family and runs her household independently.


An SOS-family consist, apart from the mother, of 6-10 boys and girls ofvarious ages, who grow up together as brothers and sisters. Siblings are not separated.


Every SOS Children's Village family has a house of its own.


An SOS Children's Village normally consists of 10-15 family houses, which form an integral part of the village community. this gives the children cultural roots and a feeling of belonging.

As of 1999 there are nearly 400 SOS Children's Villages and nearly 1,400 ancillary facilities such as schools, kindergartens, vocational training centres, medical centres etc. in 130 different countries.

In Denmark SOS-Bornebyerne has operated since 1964 raising funds for financing new SOS Children's Villages in the third world as well as facilitating sponsorships for children in different SOS Children's Villages around the world.


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